About the Site

I came as a student to do my LL.M in the 1970s to UC Berkeley, California. The mountains, the ocean, the redwood trees and the balmy weather won my heart. I left my prestigious Indian Revenue Service and decided to stay. It was not easy. After two years of legal battle, in which my employer joined me in suing the US Government (Dept. of Labor and Immigration), I won my Green Card. I worked for Fortune 500 corporations as international tax lawyer, then left to write my novel about Asoka–a legend in India. The exposure to the life of Asoka changed my life.  Now I understood that a leader makes a contribution to the country, and a great leader makes a contribution to humanity.  More than two thousand years ago, Asoka held that government’s task was to make the people happy, allow religious freedom, provide free healthcare, and protect animals from cruelty. An early environmentalist, he planted thousands of trees across India. He gave up his divisive and war-mongering religion, embraced Buddhism and sent missionaries abroad. After changing people and societies in Mongolia, China, Japan, Ceylon, Buddhism has finally made it to America. Strangely though, very few know Asoka. But then, few knew about Yoga until two decades back.  Asoka can lead you to success, Asoka can help you get happiness.  But one has to know Asoka. The enthusiasm and appreciation that the readers and critics have unanimously shown for  the novel Asoka  is humbling for me. The US Constitution, The Republican Party and the Decline of America was written (under a pen name) because I felt I had to expose the deceptive propaganda and anti-people practices of the Republican Party. This site is about Asoka. Asoka has touched millions of lives; he has touched mine. He will touch yours.