About Me

Harish Singhal, I came as a student to do my LL.M in the 1970s to UC Berkeley, California. The beauty of California and the weather won my heart. I left my prestigious Indian Revenue Service and decided to stay. It was not easy. After two years of legal fight in which my employer also sued the US Government, I got my Green Card. After working for a number of Fortune 500 corporations as international tax lawyer, I left to write my novel: King Asoka, A Love Story.  Writing Asoka changed my life–made me see and think better. I saw how the rich controlled the politics. I published my non-fiction, The US Constitution, The Republican Party and the Decline of America, under a pen name. The book exposes the shenanigans of the Republican Party which works only for the capitalist agenda. Both books have won acclaim from the readers.

However, this site is about King Asoka, his leadership and how he turned Buddhism into a world religion. If you have any suggestions, please leave your comments.