written by harishsinghal

I came as an immigrant to do my LL.M in the mid-1970s to UC Berkeley, California. The weather in California—no snow, no intense heat—won my heart. I left my prestigious Indian Revenue Service and decided to stay. It was not easy. After three years of legal fight with the US Government, I got my Green Card. After working for a number of Fortune 500 corporations as international tax lawyer, I left the rat race to write my novel: King Asoka, A Love Story. Asoka changed my life; I too became a convinced democrat and wrote my first political book, The US Constitution, The Republican Party and the Decline of America, under a pen name. The book exposes the shenanigans of the Republican Party in America which openly works for the capitalist’s agenda. Both books won acclaim from the readers. Currently, I am working on my next book on Democracy and Leadership. This site is about my experiences in life across the two continents.

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