My Poems


Holding a piece of bread

I stu..t..ter.

Where’s butt..ter?

I look at her,

I think

She winks

Bub..bub.. ba

ba ba ba





Rum ra…


I give up

A body cannot copulate with a ghost…



God of religions!

Wake up and rise!

Break free from your prison walls–

–beautiful or grotesque–

that men call temple, church, or mosque.

Be free like tiger in the wild.

Accept no praise

Do no favors.

Men bow before you

to stab other men.

You have been asleep

far too long–

Perhaps, you love those closed halls.


The Force of Gravity

Love, the gravitational pull,

invisible and blind,

keeps creatures big and small,

dancing in circles around.

Which? What? Why?

No one knows.

No one wants to know.

It’s absurd, it’s sublime.

it’s frenzy, it’s calm.

It’s physical, it’s metaphysical,

Its intimate, its impersonal.

It’s the heartbeat of life.

It’s the like the seasons.

it’s grip too would get loose,

And life look like a dream.

Was it there?

Is that it?

What does life mean?

We may ask.

But look at the sky,

It is what it is!


On Time’s Train

There were turns

There were bumps,

After every few steps.

I did not see the path.

And what’s the Path?

I fumbled, I bumbled.

I did not stop,

to think, to see.

It was always a puzzle.

Contradictions and disappointments,

I found in life

Big as the mountains and the seas.

When I was most alive

I was rushing to die.

What I thought would last.

Was disappearing before my eyes.

Until it came to me.

I was on time’s train.

Where all tomorrows

Are yesterdays.

Only today I can feel. And wonder.

Until I will wonder no more.