When Asoka returned from Kalinga war, the destruction, the human misery, led him to rethink his ideas about war. His religion had glorified wars but his experience was totally different. What should he do? His solution was to reject his religion and embrace Buddhism. He was a problem solver–compassionate and considerate. He saw nothing in the war to wallow in glory. Buddhism provided the solution to a war-torn world–not only in India but wherever it was introduced. In China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and east Asia. It is one of the fastest developing religions today.

In modern world, are we trouble-free? If not, we need Asoka’s insights. I lived inside Asoka’s mind for over eight years. I think I can make an educated guess as to what he would have done to solve problems that defy easy solutions. Like threat of nuclear war, abject poverty, drugs that are killing our youth in the flower of manhood.